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Transform Your Book Idea into a Published Reality

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Achieve Publishing Success


Frustrated with Trying to Navigate the Publishing Maze?


We're here to guide you with the tools and confidence to unlock your book's potential...

From concept to draft, from draft to publication, and ultimately in the hands of readers who want and need it most.



📌 Unsure how to craft a compelling book proposal?

📌 Struggling to position your book in a competitive market?

📌 Confused about finding and pitching to the right agents?

📌 Overwhelm from endless, conflicting advice on getting published?

📌 Frustrated with rejections or lack of response from publishers?

📌 Feeling your valuable message might never reach the readers who need it?

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Empower Your Publishing Journey


Effective Proposal Creation

Receive step-by-step instructions for crafting a winning book proposal.


Connection Strategies

Learn how to identify and connect with the best agents and publishers for your book.


Publishing Process Navigation

Understand the publishing world for a smooth, successful path.

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Shawon Davis

Your Trusted Partner in Publishing 

Hi, I'm Allison Lane and I understand the challenges of trying to get your book published.

From emerging authors to seasoned writers, I've guided many through the intricate process of getting their work published. 

Agonizing over every step is a pain in the rear. From experts and PhDs to podcasters and memoirists and so many more - I've helped busy women avoid wasting time and energy by making their path clear and simple. 

And I'm here to help you find the path to publishing your book that's right for you.


Your Path to Publication


Craft Your Compelling Proposal

Create a powerful proposal that highlights your book’s positioning and place in the market.


Connect with Agents and Publishers

Use our insights and resources to find the right agents. 


Celebrate Your Publishing Deal

Witness the transformation of your book idea into the published book you always knew it could be. 

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Your Plan for Author Success


Join Rock Your Book Proposal and gain access to a world of resources and expertise.  

For a focused and efficient approach, our 4-week intensive, high-touch mastermind equips you with a comprehensive guide to getting published. 

From perfecting your proposal to negotiating with publishers, we cover everything—proposal writing, query strategy, to agent networking, and more.

Our regular mentoring sessions ensure you stay focused, while our community offers valuable networking and support. Experience a structured, clear journey from an idea to a published book.


Rock Your Book Proposal


Most authors struggle with the complexities of the publishing industry. Rock Your Book Proposal is here to change that.

We provide a clear, proven plan that covers every nuance of your book's path to publication. From your proposal to pitching agents, we've got you covered. 

Don't let another day pass with your book idea unrealized.

Our program is tailored for nonfiction authors ready to make an impact.

No more spinning your wheels. No more frustration. Just a clear path to getting your book into the world. 

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+ You get these Bonuses 🤍

Bonus 1

Pitch Perfect: Your Comprehensive Proposal Toolkit


Bonus 2

The Query Letter Formula: Your Guide to Agent Success


Bonus 3

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Literary Agent

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+ you also get these benefits

Weekly Coaching Calls + Replays

Ongoing support and expert advice to guide you through the publishing process. 

Tech Tank trainings 

Your go-to destination for solving technical roadblocks. 

Proposal Optimization Hub

Resources and feedback to refine your book proposal to perfection.


Author Support Community

Join a network of nonfiction authors on the same journey for collaboration and encouragement. 

This Is For You Because:

  • You are preparing to pitch your book proposal.

  • You are actively seeking an agent or publisher.

  • You have a completed memoir ready for the next step.

  • You are ready to capture that spark you know your proposal needs to catch attention. 

This Is Not For Folks:

  • Not willing to learn how to be your book's best marketer and take the actions to achieve that.
  • Looking for self-publishing strategies.
  • Not prepared to actively engage in the pitching and publishing process.


More than just a plan, it's a complete toolkit for success. Everything you'd get from 1:1 services, now within a supportive community setting.

Join us and turn your book concept into a reality.

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Miriam Schulman, bestselling author

"My book is published!"

Miriam Schulman
Artist, podcaster, bestselling author - Artpreneur: The Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Sustainable Living from Your Creativity 

“I gained so much clarity about my book because I went through your proposal process. I got responses from top agents right away, including my agent who responded to my query in under an hour. Now, my book is published by Harper Leadership.”

Tracy Otsuka, bestselling author

"Four offers!"

Tracy Otsuka
ADHD coach, podcaster, bestselling author - ADHD for Smart Ass Women: How to Fall in Love with Your Neurodivergent Brain

“I got my first agent response in just 17 minutes and got agent offers on Day 2, Day 3, Day 4... ultimately four agents wanted to represent me and my book went to auction."

Veronica Zora Kirin, author

 "6 Hours!"

Veronica Zora Kirin
Award-winning Scaling Expert, Anthropologist, Author - Stories of Elders


"One agent replied to the stellar query letter Allison helped me craft within SIX HOURS. Others within only days."

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Industry Experts trust Allison

"If you worked with Allison, I can tell you...

I would be interested in looking at your manuscript."

"Anything that Allison Lane sends me, I am going to look at and give more regard than proposals and manuscripts from anywhere else, because what she does with authors is top-notch. I know that she's put a lot of thought into the book proposals, so part of my work as a publisher is done."

- Linda Stirling
publisher and bestselling author
The Publishing Circle

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  • Expert Proposal Development
  • Strategies for Agent Acquisition
  • Understanding Publishing Contracts
  • Negotiation Tactics for the Best Deal
  • Developing a Strong Author Brand

  • Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals

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